Nursing Home Negligence

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When a loved one has suffered from negligent care in a nursing home in the form of bed sores, abuse, malnutrition or other acts of inadequate healthcare, the nursing home is liable for such negligent conduct.

Nursing Home Negligence is Similar to Medical Malpractice

When a patient enters a nursing home the relationship between the nursing home and the patient is similar to the same relationship between a doctor and his/her patient. Based upon that relationship there is what is known as a Standard of Care which the nursing home must provide to each and every patient/resident who comes into their facility. A patient is entitled to compensation for the injuries that are caused by the negligent care and treatment by the nursing facility.

Whether a patient has a claim for negligent nursing home care can be complex. First, we must determine whether the treatment fell below the standard of care required of nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities. The attorney must evaluate the legality of the claim, the appropriateness of the medical treatment and any economic factors which would be relevant. Once the nature and extent of the injuries that were caused by the negligent treatment is established, the attorney will determine the ability to bring a case on behalf of the patient and/or their family, the amount of money which can be recovered from a jury and the likelihood of success at time of trial or settlement of the claim.

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