Pennsylvania Restaurant Liquor Law

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Kelly & Herron, P.C. is one of a very small number of law firms in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas that handles all aspects of alcohol beverage law, including liquor licensing and related matters. The firm assists businesses of all sizes, from national chains to small local entrepreneurs through the entire liquor license process.

We guide our clients from initial due diligence to the application process and license issuance. We also expedite the sale, transfer or acquisition of liquor licenses and related businesses, participating in the negotiation, documentation and consummation of all transactional aspects of the business. The firm also defends businesses and their employees against alcohol beverage allegations and citations at every stage of the enforcement process.

The firm offers forty five (45) years of legal experience to assist clients with:

  • Purchase and sale of businesses
  • Alcoholic beverages licensing at the state (PLCB) and federal (TTB) level
  • Purchase or lease of real estate
  • Commercial lending/borrowing
  • And defense enforcement actions against licenses, via citations, nuisance bar proceedings or threatened revocation and non-renewal actions.

The beverage alcohol industry is specialized and highly regulated. Kelly & Herron has, over the many years of its existence, developed relationships with the appropriate regulatory agencies, state and local officials which enable them to deal with all of the issues presented in the course of representing clients in the industry.

Specific services include coordinating acquisition and transfer of liquor licenses, related businesses and real estate, renewal of licenses, defending citations and nonrenewal cases at every stage of the enforcement process as well as navigating the administrative landscape posed by local laws, customs and regulations.