Aviation Accidents

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There are many forms of aviation accidents besides plane crashes. Thousands of passengers are injured in a variety of different types of accidents, some occurring in the airport, some 
occurring on the airplane and even some boarding and exiting the aircraft itself. We stand ready to help you recover damages when an airline has failed to provide safe passage for you from destination to destination.

Commercial Aviation Accidents – Aviation Injury Lawyers

Commercial aviation traditionally refers to scheduled flights operated by large airlines, and is generally considered amongst the “safest” modes of travel. Fortunately, airline disasters are rare, however, every year, thousands of passengers are injured in a variety of different “in flight” accidents, many of them seriously. The airport and aviation injury lawyers at Bohrer & Lukeman are experienced in all phases of commercial aviation litigation, from mass disaster litigation to the representation of passengers injured in individual accidents, whether on board the aircraft or in the airport. When you call our office you will find a flight lawyer who has successfully litigated mass air disasters, emergency evacuations, turbulence injuries, and almost every other type of airport and in flight accident. We are extremely familiar with the laws governing both international and domestic flights, and are equally comfortable in state and federal courts.

At Kelly & Herron, an airplane crash lawyer from our team will assume a focused and aggressive posture from the outset. We are a firm that knows the law, gathers the facts and is always prepared to litigate, and go to trial, when it is in our client’s best interest. Call or contact our airplane accident lawyers today if you or a loved one have been injured during the course of a commercial aviation flight.